Touch Screens & Commercial LCDs


Arturo's Studio services are way beyond ordinary.  TradeShow displays and collateral material are probably the largest expensed items in your budget, so proper planning is essential.  Arturo's Studio will assist you with large format graphics as well as your multimedia presentation. We offer full blown Touch Screen presentations on the largest 40" and 46" commercial Samsung LCD's.   These screens play both vertical and landscape offering some creative design for your next Trade Show. Imagine your presentation playing in a normal loop but with a large graphical button inviting your customer to TOUCH to ENTER.  Once TOUCHED, the presentation comes to life in a full Interactive mode allowing your customer to peruse through your products and services completely unassisted. 


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If your company has International products, you will be interested to know that Arturo's Studio can also produce a presentation in multiple languages and the customer simply selects the language of their choice at startup.  Touch Screens has also gained popularity in numerous other facilities such as Airports, Convention Centers, Museums, Doctors Offices, Grocery Stores, Hotels, etc. and Arturo's Studio can assist you with your Touch Screen needs.

Some companies produce their own presentation in house. We can also assist in professionally polishing these PowerPoint presentation.



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