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"Custom HD Video Display Screen
can be used with any Projector"

Seeing is Believing!

  • Patented New HD Technology
  • Only 1/8" Thick Acrylic Screen
  • Viewable at 180 Degrees
  • Sizes up to 14 ft Diagonally, no seam
  • Custom cut to match your logo design and your video can play inside your logo
  • Touchscreen Programming available

For the first time, the Boardroom lights can stay on with the blinds open because the picture is equally as good as when it is totally dark. Clients such as CocaCola, ABC, Boeing, GM Motors, Sun Microsystems, Nextel, and OnStar all have different applications of our screens in our gallery. As you will see, the applications are endless. Please enjoy your tour.

Retails stores can place the screen in a window and with the correct projector and screen you can see video advertising even in full sunlight.



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